Premier Royale

Premier Royale 12" x 8" unsupported shell w/black interior, 16" x 16" supported shell w/black interior & 22" x 16" supported shell w/black interior, WMP re-wrap, black leg/spur/tom mounts, BD shell shell drilled (but wrap is currently uncut) for 392-50 oval post (or later 2395 round post) tom mount, new disappearing spurs, non-Premier period '2-finger' BD claws with square head rods. Full nut & bolt restoration/refurb. Great, cost effective, smart looking rehearsal/kit share set-up - £sold

Any questions, please ask.

Hamma kit.

Hamma 13/16/24, copper finish. Viewing recommended as the wrap is 'mottled'/faded and there's a chunk missing on top of the BD where the wrap is rippled. Not the prettiest example you'll ever see, but sounds great. Evans heads on toms, repro reso head- £sold


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