Premier concert tom lug conversion
Ajax 22" bass drum, full strip down, hole repairs, refinish inner shell, fit tom holder, spurs, lugs & re-wrap + hoop inlays.
Custom Premier 22" bass drum, 436 single tension lugs, no tom holder. Stripped down, tom holder filled, re-wrapped.
8", 10" & 12" APK rack toms re-furb, early 70s mahogany shell Premier floor tom re-wrap
Premier 'Hi-Fi' full strip down, edges & re-wrap.
Original Hayman blue wrap removed from redundant shell and repurposed as hoop inlays.
Premier XPK 'Black Shadow' 22" bass drum refurb.
Ludwig 22" x 14" full strip down, remove and fill tom & cymbal mounts + re-wrap.
Hayman strip down, repair & re-wrap.
Ludwig 12" x 8" strip down, bearing edge repair & re-wrap.
Premier Project 1 inner liner replacement.
Premier Flobeam snare mechanism repair & rebuild.
20" x 14" virgin acrylic shell drilled and fitted with vent, lugs, tom mount & spurs.
14" x 14" virgin acrylic shell drilled and fitted with vent, lugs & legs.
Premier bass drum hoops, refurb, paint and lacquer.
Premier Projector re-wrap and conversion.
12" x 7" virgin acrylic shell drilled and fitted with vent, staggered lugs & tom holder.
Premier Black Shadows shell & inner liner repairs.

Premier Royale resto/refurb/re-wrap; 12x8", 16x16" & 22x16".

Shaftsbury toms, 12x8" & 13x9" repair, refurb, re-wrap, repro badges.

From the customer; "This is truly stunning restoration work, thanks so much and the badges are amazing!"

Premier Royal Scot refurb.
Premier Elite re-wrap.
Yamaha Absolute re-wrap.
Premier snare drum re-wrap.
Premier 15x12" concert tom conversion.
Hayman snare drum refurb & re-wrap.
Hamma kit refurb.
Premier Trilok hi-hat stand conversion to 'legless'.
Premier 16" Resonator floor tom leg mount removal and re-wrap.

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