If your kit is looking a bit tired or you have a special project made up of drums in different wraps and you want them to match, I can usually source and supply all types of wraps to suit most budgets.

All wrap jobs include a 'full fettle' which includes any shell repairs needed, bearing edge repair, hole filling, custom hardware fitting, hardware cleaning and lube where appropriate and any other remedial work as needed.

Wrap options include the famous top quality USA made 'Delmar' range as well as a selection of 'economy priced' patterns and colours along with genuine NOS vintage wraps.

If you have any ideas or questions, please contact us here.

Below is a link to our Facebook gallery of restorations and refurb jobs completed
Now in stock: limited stocks of Olympic 'LO blue'. NOS, never used, available for re-wrapping or to purchase as full sheets.

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