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Premier 0654 24 strand snare wires for Flobeam parallel action throw off - out of stock
NOTE: these are for drums with the longer mechanism and cast aluminium hoops, they will not fit '2000' snare drums
Premier #0646 20 strand wires with strap - £8.00
PLEASE NOTE:  we don't have any twin 10 'Royal Ace' or 'Super Ace' wires in stock at this time.
Premier #1-122 (lever side) #1-121 (butt end) Flobeam outer casts - £12.00 each
Premier #86-46 Flobeam inner casting, metric terminal thread, for marching drums - £20.00
Premier #1-67 Royal Ace adjuster - £30.00
Premier #1-67 Royal Ace adjuster - £30.00
Premier Royal Ace internal bracket - £10.00
Premier HTS snare gut clamps x2 - £20.00
Premier Flobeam pull arm - £3.00
Premier Flobeam internal rotater - £3.00
Premier #40-70 top snare lever - £10.00

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