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Premier 252 bass drum pedal. Lateral adjustment footplate, 8mm beater shaft, beater arc adjustment, spring tension and hoop clamp adjustment on top of pedal, footplate hinge has been replaced with a new, lockbolt spindle. Refurbed, has had some light use since and picked up a few scratches - £45.00
Premier 250 pedal, no beater - £25.00 (B)
Pedal toe stop for the Premier 252 bass drum pedal, will also fit Premier Trilok and 2nd generation Premier Lokfast hi-hat stands. Available in red or black, made from a modified ABS polymer; Zortrax Z-ULTRAT with square head lock bolt. £5.00 each.
Premier 250S footplate rubber - £7.50

 Premier NOS #250S heelplate pad - £5.00

Premier #250-9 spring stud - £3.00

 Premier NOS #250-17 crank link, #250-45 overrider and #250-28 overrider felt - £12.00

Premier NOS #250 spring hoop - £3.00

Premier NOS #250-52 cap assembly - £5.00

Premier NOS #250-11A crankloop - £3.00

Premier NOS #250-45 overrider and #250-28 overrider felt - £5.00

Premier NOS #250-12 spring assembly - £12.00

Trilok 325 hi-hat stand
NEW 24" stainless steel replacement hi-hat centre pull rod for Premier (Trilok/Lokfast/Triad/Trident/Prolock/Tristar etc) stands - £8.50
Premier Trilok #325-20 footplate, strap and locator spring - £15.00
Premier Trilok #325-12 spring, #325-13 rod adjuster and #750-50 terminals - £10.00
Premier #2325-40 Prolock hi-hat clutch - £10.00

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